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  1. Name- Hegemony of Harbin
  2. Capital city-Harbin
  3. Largest city/town- Harbin
  4. Other cities/towns- Changchun, Daqing, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi, Jixi, Shuangyashan, Hegang, Qitaihe, Yichun, Heihe, Jilin City, Baishan, Baicheng, Siping, Yanji, Songyuan, Tonghua and Liaoyuan
  5. Leader-
  6. Deputy leader-
  7. Regime- Authoritarian socialist market economy republic.
  8. Language- Northeastern Mandarin, Jilu Mandarin, Siberian Russian, Kalkah Mongolian, Udegen, Nanains, Nivkh, Orochan, Ulch, Orok, Jiaoliao Mandarin, Korean and Manchu
  9. Religion- Taouisum, Bhuddisum, Athist, irriligiose, Roman Catholic and Russian Orthadox.
  10. Population- 35,000,000
  11. Economy- Industry, quarrying, forestry, agriculture, mining, chemicals, engineering, metallurgy and financial sectors. The Production and export of radios, kids' toys, sports gear, LEDs, light bulbs, neon tubes, beetroots, flax, horses, cattle, sheep, stone, gravel, sand, brick-clay, fire-clay, bricks, ceramics, machinery, cast iron, hand tools, coal, oil shale, shale oil, sunflowers, space telescopes, landline telephones, sand, machinery, specialist Korean pine and larch products, small aluminium products, small iron products, cast iron, hand tools, coal, timber, canned fish, timber, planks, brick clay, fireclay, bricks, ceramics, fusible clay, coal, Tin, Tungsten, Lead, zinc, Silver, Gold, Fluorspar, Boron, Limestone, Brick earth, porcelain stones, Feldspar rhyolites, granite, porphyrite, marble, machines, early era cars, paint, creosote, yachets, ships, furniture, clothes, leather, wire, cloths, furniture diesel, glassware, bottled L.P.G., soybeans, maize, and wheat and petrol.
  12. Climate- humid continental climate
  13. Military- 15,500
  14. Economic strength- high