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The Human Sexuality Act is a law King Ismael Perez I created for the Caribbean Empire. It states that sex should been taken seriously and not as entertainment, to not violate the reproductive rights of others, and that teens (ages 12 to 16) can take sexual education and have sex (as well as doing other adult activities not mention in this act) with parental permission and adults (ages 17+) without parental permission.

Statement Summary Reason Penalty
1 Sex should been taken as a serious topic and not for entertainment. Pornography (use of sex as entertainment) encourages people to become rapists and have unsafe sex, knowing the risks of pregnancy and infection and affects the protection of children in the media. 5,000 Caribos fine
2 If two couples haves sex before marriage, when the mother successfully gives birth, the couple will be officially married. The man and the woman must be together to help raise their child. N/A
3 No one can violate the reproductive rights of another. It's one's choice whenever or not to have children and to be sure that if a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) to use condoms. 10 years in prison
4 Allow homosexual sexual intercourse Although no reproduction is taking place, it's part of romantic relationships and it's to keep them bonded. N/A
5 With parents permission teens can take sexual education and have sex and adults to do these same activities without parental permission. Teens are still minors, but old enough to have most responsibilities. If a teen has kids, their parents must help the minor to raise their offspring until the minor is at age 17. N/A