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Note: This is a continuation of my alternate history timeline 'Imperial Americana' on the althistory wiki. You can read about that here, and I'd recommend you do otherwise you might be confused.



2020: On November 24, Empress Hannah I gives birth to three children: Princess Victoria, Princess Mackenzie, and Prince Alexander. Victoria is named heir presumptive due to her being the oldest of the triplets.

2021: Prince Alexander becomes sick with anemia. The Second Canadian Revolution breaks out, but with much less support. No defined governments are formed and only sporadic rebellions spread.

2022: Within three months, the rebellion is quashed. Prince Alexander becomes bedridden and his survival rate is only 16% due to his infancy. Meanwhile, another disease spreads from China, the 'coronavirus' or Covid-22. It is highly infectious and the three royal children are quarantined to protect themselves from the virus.

2023: By June 2023, 200,000 Americans are dead and riots break out over Army crackdown. John Charles V fears an end to his empire. He becomes depressed when Alexander dies from complications from his anemia and coronavirus. As October dawns, he is bedridden, and Hannah (19) cannot seem to do anything. On the 11th, Victoria also dies from the virus. On October 16, 2023, he commits suicide in his room, the gunshot echoing throughout the palace. Hannah is heartbroken and distraught. 2 1/2-year-old Mackenzie is now the sovereign of an empire in chaos. Hannah is Mackenzie's regent.

2024: Hannah's policies help reduce the spread of Covid-22 by 90% as riots decrease. Mackenzie is still too young to know about the world around her.

2025: A famous Argentine Revolutionary, Santiago Gomez takes power in La Plata and enforces an ironclad regime. Hannah denounces the regime as illegitimate and militaries the Falklands, an American possession to protect it from his expansionist influences. A new spike in the American economy drops unemployment rates to 12%, one of the lowest in history.

2027: Mackenzie moves to Kiptopeke, Virginia to live with 77-year-old, former Empress Josephine, and 75-year-old Matteo to learn about how to properly rule without dealing with the cunning and evils of greedy courts. La Plata subjugates Uruguay.

2028: Hannah creates the Kingdom of Israel, pulling American troops out of the Levant. La Plata invades Chile and nearly provokes American intervention. Matteo passes away from natural causes.

2029: La Plata invades the Falklands, Hannah authorizes military action against La Plata, but Platanese forces overwhelm the defenses of the 1000 man garrison. They also strike at the South Georgia Islands. Haiti and Brazil join in on the American side and keeps the main Platanese Army at bay from cranking the island full of troops. Mackenzie learns to ride horses on Josephine's small rural property in Virginia. Japan's emperor cedes south-eastern China back to the PRC as part of a wider-demilitarization program by Emperor Naruhito. Russia gives up its claim on Vladivostok.

2030: The Falkland War ends with coalition forces marching into Buenos Aires, La Plata is defeated, but Gomez escapes the country. Hannah places an American Duke on the new Argentine throne, Matthew I. African nationalists stage a terror attack on the Belgian Congo.

2032: Great Depression. The American economy, along with many other developed nations crash and unemployment skyrockets to well over 65-70%. Santiago De La Gomez sets up the National Republic of Bouvet on Bouvet Island on the Southern Sea. An American task force of 100 ships sets sails to take De La Gomez-dead or alive. A six-month-long siege ensues upon arrival in November.

2033: American marines storm Bouvet Island in May but find De La Gomez's outposts abandoned with no partisans insight. Chinese Republicans rebel and overthrow the struggling communist state and establish the Second Republic of China. Japan invades Mongolia to support a puppet regime installed in 1974. The Holy Roman Empire's economy begins to recover, yet Hannah still struggles to resave the drowning American regime. Riots break out in Las Angeles and multiple other cities by starving mobs. The Army is sent in which only heats up the situation.

2034: When riots break out in New York with the risk of all-out revolution brewing, Mackenzie dismisses her mother's regency and takes control over the country. She immediately instates new economic policies, better agricultural methods, and temporarily lowers taxes to allow Americans to get back on their feet before normal taxation can resume. Unemployment drops explosively from 86% to a mere 4%, the greatest drop in history, an 84% drop to be precise. Riots subside and the tension absolves. Support for more violent approaches ceases entirely, preventing a Third Canadian Revolution.

2036: Santiago De La Gomez invades Mozambique, but an instant counter-rebellion opens up which leads to Mackenzie inheriting the Gomez Wars. American troops get involved by landing at Quelimane, cutting off Gomez's retreat options. Independence Movements arise across the Empire's vast overseas territories, all peaceful.

2037: De La Gomez wreaks havoc as his soldiers march across Africa before escaping back to Argentina. Mackenzie meets and marries Duke Martin of Oregon, granddaughter to Duchess Madison. Arabia and Turkey begin skirmishing over Turkish presence in Iraq.

2038: Mackenzie orders American Special Forces to infiltrate Argentine territory and kill De La Gomez. The raid succeeds partially with the death of De La Gomez. The remaining troops advance on Buenos Aires but are defeated in an intense battle four miles from the city. The remnants of the Platanese regime collapse. The world finally breathes easy, except for Turkey and Arabia, until Mackenzie mediates a peace solution.

2039: Mackenzie gives birth to Princess Victoria, her first of three children, named after her late sister.

2040: Hurricane Julia ravages Haiti, killing well over 14,000 people. Empress Mackenzie visits and begins an aide channel to help her ally rebuild.

2041: Mackenzie gives birth to Prince Martin II, Madagascar is released due to high desires for independence. American troops pull out of La Plata officially, leaving Matthew I to rule uninfluenced.

2042: Former Empress Josephine, Mackenzie's grandmother and Victoria II and Martin II's great-grandmother passes away at age 92. Her funeral is attended by well over 100,000 people and the entire world watches on television.

2043: The Holy Roman Empire celebrates its centellial by conquering Savoy. Mackenzie miscarriages her third child, who would've been a boy. Doctors believe her fertility is waning, which worries Mackenzie and Martin. America's friendship pact with Japan and Russia is renewed.

2045-2055: The world is at peace and no conflicts arise globally.

2056: Martin I dies at age 40 from the flu, distraughting Mackenzie.

2058: Victoria II marries Duke Strat of New England. Mackenzie is requested to help put down a communist uprising in Tahiti.

2059: The communist rebellion is suppressed. The world still remains relatively peaceful.

2061: Victoria gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Alexander.

2064: Martin Junior is attacked and drowned in his bathtub by an unknown assailant, just weeks after he announced his engagement to Princess Alessa of Greece. Greco-American relations take a huge dive.

2066: Mackenzie hosts a summit with Holy Roman Emperor Konrad IV and the various Italian states which fear subjugation from the North. The Treaty of Taranto is signed which prevents further Holy Roman expansion south of the Po River in exchange for exclusive trade subsities. The clever treaty puts a break on Holy Roman expansion.

2068: The Holy Roman Empire invades Hanover, the last independent German state. The Hanoverians make a desperate plea for help to Europe, to which Holland, France and Russia accept. The Great European War begins.

2069: The Holy Roman Army crushes Hanover and its massive armies pour across the Rhine into Benelux and France. The Yugoslav Confederacy invades from the south to liberate Slavic territories under the HRE's control. Japan decolonizes Burma and Indochina and de-thrones the puppet king of Siam. Arabia skirmishes with Turkey over Iraq.

2070: Just before Holy Roman forces capture Paris, Britain intervenes and sends a much-needed relief force to Northern France. The Yugoslavs are quickly beaten back while the Russians rush into Poland and Galicia. Turkey and Arabia declare war on each other in a separate conflict. Mackenzie refuses any idea of joining either war, though both threaten her foreign territories.

2071: The war drags into a bloody stalemate on the Western Front. Konrad IV can spare more troops to fight Russia and continue pushing into the Balkans. Arabian forces conquer Iraq and manage to negotiate with the Turkish Prime Minister for peace.

2072: After Yugoslavia is defeated, Konrad IV defeats the Russians and Lwow and begins a large counter-offensive on the Eastern Front. Mackenzie orders the production of a 'miracle weapon' which will certainly deter Holy Roman aggression.

2073: Holy Roman troops recapture Poland and push all the way into the Ukraine.