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The Imperial Realms of Europe, also called Imperium Europa, was an Imperial Realms of America affiliated insurgent group which existed from 2019 to 2032, and aimed to unite all of Europe as a white ethnostate based on fascism and to kill or expel all non-whites and undesirables. Imperium Europa was originally formed by a union of states that had split from the European Union and turned fascist as well as white nationalist insurgent groups in EU member states.


The Imperial Realms of Europe was an oligarchic organization controlled by six.

  1. Samuel Salazar:Spain
  2. Jean Renard: France
  3. Oswald Blunt: Britain
  4. Giovanni Nana: Italy
  5. Bruno Von Brandt: Germany (+Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria)
  6. Leonidas Michel: Balkan