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The Imperium Powers, also known simply as the Imperium, were seven fascist dictatorships and insurgent proto-states that fought against the United Nations and attempted to conquer the world during the Imperium War. The Imperium Powers agreeed on their opposition to the UN but didn't completely coordinate their activities.


Imperial Realms of America

Also called Imperium Americana, this insurgent proto-state led by Richard Yeager, attempted to overthrow the governments of North America.

Integralist Brazil

A fascist dictatorship led by Bolsanaro, attempted to conquer South America. Was opposed by the Union of South American Nations as well as a resistance group called the Brazilian Popular Front.

Imperial Realms of Europe

Also called Imperium Europa, this insurgent proto-state attempted to overthrow the governments of Europe.

Russian Emergency Government

This fascist dictatorship led by Vladimir Putin overthrew the democratically elected assembly of the Russian Federation and then attempted to conquer Central Asia as well as Belerus, Ukraine, and the Baltic States. They were also opposed by the democratic government in exile.

New Japanese Empire

Attempted to overthrow the government of Japan and conquer East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Imperial Realms of Oceania

Attempted to overthrow the governments of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Afrikaaner Folk State

Attempted to overthrow the Republic of South Africa and establish a white ethnostate.


The Imperium Powers all championed variants of fascism, millitarism, and ethnic nationalism. They believed in a natural biological hierarchy of sex and race which they claimed placed white men (or Japense Men in the case of the New Japanese Empire) at the top, but they also claim this natural order had been subverted by a global Jewsih Conspiracy.