Interfaith hologram technology ( Second Amendment Civil War)

Interfaith hologram technology

prior to the second American Civil War and during the early 21st century there was much controversy in chaos whether or not Christmas symbols should be displayed in public. However, following the resolving of the second American Civil War in the early 2070s the American Parliament introduced the interfaith multiculturalism act is committed to United States government in order to protect and recognize the faith of all people in the United States. There were much religious conflict and religious cleansing during the second American Civil War, especially in the Washington DC area. A new hologram technology was also introduced that year which was intended to celebrate all things at all holidays around the Christmas season.  in all public squares in the United States, a hologram was installed that would alternate between the different symbols sacred to different religions. This allowed everyone to celebrate at one else's holiday honoring their own holiday. This ended the early 21st-century idea of a war on Christmas. This program indicated that the American Parliament commitment to honor and protect the rights of all citizens. This parliamentary program was praised internationally especially by Canada to introduce similar policies in the 1970s and 80s.


In the white people's Republic of Alabama, the official religion is Christianity and all other people that practice other faves were banned from the country and sent to the United States. The interfaith hologram technology was officially banned in Alabama in 2095. However ,this technology has been controversial in Alabama ever since it seceded from the Union during the second American Civil War. Alabama also made a law against the secularization of Christmas. On October 8, 2119, the state that Christmas trees. All nonreligious Christmas carols were also banned the following year. Nativity scenes also became mandatory in all households in 2128.

Worldwide introduction

By 2200 this hologram technology was introduced in England Canada, the United States, the European league,The Democratic Kingdom of Hawaii,  the Republic of Ireland, the Republic of Wales, the Spanish union,  The Asiatic trade union and the league of South American Nations.

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