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The international Christmas monster convention was a convention that celebrated unusual Christmas traditions from all over the world. This convention especially celebrated the Christmas monsters that are common myths and legends in northern Europe, Iceland and Japan. This convention began on December 1, 2045 in the Republic of Seattle and Republic of Portland. It became the most popular Christmas Festival in these republics of the 2050s. This convention when international in 2063.

Where the conventions are held

Tokyo: since 2046

São Paulo: since 2052

Reykjavík/Lucifer city: since 2063

Paris France: since 2063

Berlin: since 2072

Portland: since 2045

Seattle: since 2046

Brasilia: since 2089

Dubai: since 2100

Las Vegas: since 2200

Toronto: since 2223

North African city: since 2424

Cairo: since 2444

Australia Central city: since 2828