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the international Museum of drag culture was a network of museums that was founded in 2035. These museums rededicated to documenting the rich cultural history of drag culture in the United States and all over the world. Drag queens and drag culture was extremely popular trend in the 2020s and the 2030s. This inspired people to document the history of drag queens LG BT Q youth and the AIDS crisis. The first museum opened in New York City in 2035.  in 2045 there were 21 of these museums all across the world.

LocationsNew York City: 2035

Miami: 2042 – 2073

Berlin: 2048

San Francisco: 2036

Mumbai: 2042

Cape Town: 2055

Toronto: 2036

Vancouver: 2037

Paris: 2049

Las Vegas: 2046

London: 2055

Amsterdam: 2055 – 2083

St. Petersburg: 2100

Tokyo : 2300

Sydney : 2077

Winnipeg: 2082

Bangkok: 2045