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Regno D'Italia
Kingdom of Italy
Flag of the Kingdom of Italy.png

The Italian Empire at its greatest extent.

Population 129,000,000 (2014 Census)
Government Single-Party Fascist Totalitarian Dictatorship under Constitutional Monarchy
Languages Italian (Official)
Religions Catholicism
Capital Rome
Establishment March 17, 1861 (Unification) October 29, 1922 (March on Rome)
Currency Italian Lira

"Italy", formally the "Kingdom of Italy", and to some the "New Roman Empire" is a Fascist State located in Central Europe.

It's current form was created in 1922 by Benito Mussolini when National Fascists made their famous March on Rome and took power.

The Second World War

Italy at the start of the Second World War, was neutral. Mussolini wanted to see which way the war would turn, and join the winning side when he knew for sure that that side would win.

In 1940, Italy invaded Egypt, swiftly taking it over as the Italian force outnumbered the British 10 to 1. Next came Sudan, which was split into North and South, reorganizing the North into Italian North Africa, and the Southern part of the former nation into Italian East Africa.

1948 Nazi-Italian Split

Further information: Mussolini-Hitler split

The empire distanced itself from the Nazis in 1948 (European Community, Berlin Pact, etc.) and started to build its own way to fascism under the strong political leadership of Benito Mussolini. The country criticised both the Nazi Bloc and the American Defense Community nations and, together with other countries (mainly Ireland and Spain), started the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961, which remains the official affiliation of the country to this day.


Italy is and has been ruled by the National Fascist Party since 1922. Italy is a police state though the government continues to have massively popular support.


Regio Esercito

The Royal Italian Army is among the most formidable in the world. Trained alongside their fellow Wermacht allies, Mussolini developed and applied a tactic similar to Germany's 'Blitzkrieg' known to the Italians as: "Tattiche Fulminee" or "Lightning Tactics". Italy showed its military prowess in the Invasion of France, where within weeks Italy had invaded and occupied much of Southern France, splitting the country between the Italian Occupation Zone and the German Occupation Zone. Then came the African Campaign, where Italy took Egypt and the Sudan within a few months, crushing the British and Egyptian forces. 

Regia Marina

The Royal Italian Navy is the third largest navy in the world, behind Germany and the United States. It was the Navy who destroyed the British Mediterannean Fleet.

The Empire

The Italian Empire spans from Savoy to Kenya. Much of this area has had Italians become a majority, with the best case being Libya.

Italian North Africa


Libyans are very much a minority nowadays. With the Italian population already reaching majority status before the war, the opening up of Libya to European refugees made the non-Libyan population swell up. Tunis, Tripolitania and Wyrenaica were directly annexed by Italy, with the rest of the land being part of Italian North Africa. The Italian Economy grew exponentially with the discovery of Oil in the 1970's.


The Suez Canal Area was directly annexed by Italy, while West of it fell under Italian North Africa and the Western part fell under the Italian Levant.

Italian East Africa


Ethiopia was taken swiftly within a few weeks in late 1935. This event then ended up uniting all Italian East African Colonial Posessions into a united "Italian East Africa".