Repubblica del Lavoratore Italiano
Italian Worker's Republic
Flag of the Italian Worker's Republic
Population 45,729,310 (2014 Census)
Domonym Italian
Government Multi-Party Marxist-Leninist state
Languages Italian (Official)
Capital Rome

Other Cities

Venice, Florence, Genoa
Establishment April 18, 1948     (Communist Victory)
Currency Italian Lira
Internet TDL .it                                       
Calling Code 39c

Italy, officially the Italian Worker's Republic, is a marxist-leninist state located in Southern Europe, bordered by France, Yugoslavia, Austria-Germany, Yugoslavia, and the Two Sicilies. It is a regional power and a former member of the Warsaw Pact.

After winning the 1948 Italian general elections, Italy was plagued with the secession of two rogue states: the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and the Republic of Sardinia. This led to a hardline stance by Italian leader Palmiro Togliatti, who maintained a very good relationship with the Soviet Union in the early years of the RLI. Togliatti refused to recognize either of the two break-away states, and the Two Sicilies remains "officially" unrecognized by Italy to this day.

Though Togliatti was a devout Stalinist, the Italians didn't take too kindly to being a Soviet puppet. Togliatti broke away from the Eastern Bloc and began a Italo-Greco-Yugoslav-Albanian axis known as the "Third Way Bloc".

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