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Regno Pontificio d'Italia
Papal Kingdom of Italy
Flag of the Papal Kingdom of Italy.png
Papacy Emblem.png
The Papal Kingdom of Italy at its greatest extent
Population 69,093,768 (2013 Census)
Government Federal Republic under Constitutional Monarchy
Languages Italian (Official)
Capital Rome
Currency Italian Lira

Italy, officially the Papal Kingdom of Italy is a liberal Federal Constitutional Monarchy located in Europe.

It was founded in 1861 under Giuseppe Garibaldi as the Federal Republic of Italy. The Papal States still held Rome however, but instead of attacking the Papal States, which would've had a massive outrage, Garibaldi made peace with Pius XI, and he would rule Italy as a constitutional Monarch and Garibaldi as Head of State.

Under Garibaldi, Italy saw massive decentralization with many Italian Provinces having high autonomy. A unified Italian Language inspired by all dialects was crafted and highly encouraged by the government. People began to see themselves more as "Italian" rather than Sicilian or Venetian. In the 1870's, Garibaldi made sweeping reforms such as Universal Sufferage, Abolition of Ecclesiastical Property, Emancipation of Women, and Maintenance of a Standing Army.


The Royal Italian Papal Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri form the Royal Italian Papal Armed Forces

Regno Esercito Pontifico

The Royal Papal Army is one of the great European armies.