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The second Empire of Japan is  a state in east asia. It was formed when several japaness rump states reunited.


Shorty doomsday the emperor Japan made a speech tell his citizens that their were days ahead but that should not despair. Around the same  cult Shoko Asahara staring preach that the us russain exchange was the wave of the Apocalypse and that America would nuke jaapn in 1999.He said only a chosen few would surrive and they must all follow him.  Membership of Ahsahara cult Aum  Shinrikyo started because of these speachs. Member in other appoclayse cults was allso on the rise. The government of japan did a half heated crack down on these cults because they were  more worried about North Korea who had started invading South Korea in February 1996. on newyears  eve 1998 Aum shitkio launch a series of  chemical attacks in 10 major Japaneses cities. This marked the being the of what became know as the area of chaos.

During this period  japan  was hit by many riots and terrorist attack. The emerppor, many of his relatives and may top members of the national diet died during several of the  several of the more violent  crises.Due to china and india collspe in 2001 due to nuclear Kim Jong il decided to try expan to in expand in china and japn ih 2002 the excuse of restoring order. This turned out  be a masike becuse  pearl  harobor surrived doomsday and the captain of the uss Loss Angels hate the idea of the pacific being dominated by North Korea that he nuked Pyongyang. With Pyongyang gone, the North Korean solider in Japan tired to become warlords but they failed. By 2018 things had  started to stablize. Their was no central but several city that had developed  government that ruled the surrounding areas. During the 2020's  many of the states made a partial return to traditional feudal Japanese culture.these states still reatianed  a degree of predoomday modern japaneses  cultural and poltical values

The states  would occasionally fight each.They would trade with eachother and some other pacfic states  That is why this eara is know as the second waring states peroid.These Japanese rump states were  states  very poor because of  mass infrastructure damage during  riots,limit trade due to regional instability and a small larbor pools due to high rates, low birth rares and large amount about be two old and feeble to do strenuous  work.Contact with India and the middle east was made in 2028. Regional trade started piicking up in the late 2030's Most of the Japaness rump states start to experience an baby bomb  by the 2030's .Radio severives started  broadcasting in several Japaneses cities by 2033. In 2035 contact with Europe was establised. In  2044 cocntat was made with africa and altanic north america.

In 2060 a  leval 6.5 eathquake hit the city of Kobe in the shogunate of Kansia. The earthquake shifted the regional in favor shogunate of Chubu.   In 2066 a dimpolic deal relsurted in  all of japn reunting unde a cental goverment based in Nagaya with the expations of the  republic of Hokkaido and the Shogunates of “San’in, San yo and Kyushu. Japan joined the East Asain Eccomic Allaince in 2069.In  2072 tv returned to japan.In 2076 the shogunuates of San'in and San' yo decide to rejoin japan. The 2093  World's favor was held in  Nara. In 2100 Kyusu reunited with Japan.


Japan is  a lower middle eccomic power. Before Doomsday it was one of the richiest coutires in the world but much of it eccomic infrasture was damaged during the anchric period of the early 21st century.. Most of japan bussines operate on a national leveal. Thier are curently 5 comglrates that have internatnal operpatiosn. They are the Sharp corperation,The Sony corpation, the nintentdo group Hitachia Kobe and the Toyota Group


Japan is a constitutional, monarchy. The current Emperor is Kenji Ono. He has no sons so when he dies his daughter Yoko will be the first empress of Japan since the 18th century. There are five major paries in the japness diet. They are social  convetstive  Unity Front, the Shinto Democratic Ancestor Party, the Libertarian Liberal Alliance, the Social democatic Social  Union  and the environmentalist   Green Party


. Japan education sysytetem closped during the eara of chaos. The education systyme has since rebulit . The best shcool are in kyoto and nagoya

Foreign relations


The main relgions in japan are shitoism and budisim. Ryukyuanism was the native relgion of the Ryukyuan people of the jappaness island of Okinawan. A few parctier of the faith did surivie the nuclear bombing of okianawa in 1995 but the faith died out by the 2070's



All of japan has radio coverage.. ALl of the major cities and many rural area have tv coverage