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This company was originally a fast food chain that Specialized in fried chicken. However in 2032 due to the Poultry virus and climate change the company shifted to serving insect protein and crickets instead of traditional chicken. On November 1, 2032, the change was announced there was a large amount of anger because people at the time were against the consumption of insects. the first fried cricket bucket was served on Christmas day 2032. As the taste pattern shifted in the popularity of insects group this chain became more profitable and successful. The chain especially took off in countries where insect protein is popular. this chain is known for its sustainability and praised by environmental groups. on June 23, 2034, a new logo was adopted to reflect the company's new direction. The traditional Col. Sanders logo was eliminated this led to widespread outrage in Salt Lake City the birthplace of Kentucky fried chicken. People accepted this fairly quickly as a result of an intensive social media campaign led by Marshall Jackson hellfire Smith a leading social media strategist. Kentucky fried chicken crickets also cater to undead individuals. they offer a Kentucky fried brain substitute for undead customers. This brand is also popular among the aquatic humanoid community and the Caribbean and the North Atlantic. the brand also started offering vegan chicken to service the company's original fan base. the company has experienced much controversy because they offer menu items specifically targeted to undead individuals and aquatic humanoids. These groups were considered by many as abominations in the early 2040s. This was before the undead equal rights amendment and the aquatic humanoids protection act.

New menu items

  1. the cricket crunch sandwich, the deep fry cricket bucket
  2. chocolate dipped grasshoppers
  3. scorpion strips
  4. vegan bacon
  5. the vegan chicken burger
  6. artificial brain substitute
  7. saltwater brine latte
  8. deep-fried mealworms and butterflies
  9. insect versions of KFC's original menu
  10. spicy Cajun cricket burrito