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  1. Name- Kingdom of Pretoria
  2. Capital city- Pretoria
  3. Largest city/town- Johannesburg
  4. Other cities/towns- Bronkhorstoruit, Midrand, Vanderbijlpark, Tshwane, Soweto, Vereeninging, Krugersdorp, Brakoan, Centurion, Rustenburg and Delmas.
  5. Leader-
  6. Deputy leader-
  7. Regime- Semi-democratic, far-right, White separatist, apartheid era Kingdom.
  8. Language- South African English and Afrikaans (official and de facto); Hindi, Punjabi, Malay, Chinese, Sinhalese, Tamil and Arabic (de facto); Sotho, Zulu, Venda, and Tswana (de facto in Soweto only and banned else-ware).
  9. Religion- Calvinist and Lutheran for the whites; Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic for the Blacks; Islam and Chines Folk Beliefs for the Malay; Hindu, Islam and Sikhism for the South Asians, and Chines Folk Beliefs for the Chinese.
  10. Population- 7,545,555
  11. Economy- Mining, industry, farming and quarrying. The production and export of pig-iron, gold, silver, diamonds, cut diamonds, stone, gravel, sugar cane, sugar, artificial rubber, leather, sand, leather, beef, printing presses and artificial petrol from hydrogenated coal.
  12. Climate-Subtropical highland climate
  13. Military- 5,555