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  1. Name- Kingdom of Sichuan.
  2. Capital city- Chengdu.
  3. Largest city/town- Chongqing.
  4. Other cities/towns- Guang'an, Dongqu, Lezhou, Nangchong and Yibin.
  5. Leader-
  6. Deputy leader-
  7. Regime- Despotic, ruthless and corupted type Chinese emperor monarchical system.
  8. Language- Southwestern Mandarin (Sichuanese) and Khams Tibetan
  9. Religion- Irreligious, Buddhist, Chines folk beliefs and Atheist.
  10. Population- 52,500,000.
  11. Economy-Agriculture, industry, forestry, mining, oil drilling, quarrying and metallurgy. The mass making and and export of oil, stone, peas, bamboo, hand tools, linseed oil, plastic, melons, planks, tin-plate, ball-bearings, petrol, titanium, iron, lignite, coal, furniture, oils shale, shale oil, motorized transport equipment, and steel.
  12. Climate- humid subtropical, temperate, alpine, mountain temperate and subarctic climate.
  13. Military- 14,500.
  14. Economic strength- high