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Regno delle Due Sicilie
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
Two Sicilies
Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.png
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.png
Population 13,297,880 (2014 Census)
Domonym Sicilian
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Languages Sicilian (Official), Italian
Capital Naples

Other Cities

Palermo, Bari, Lecce
Establishment April 17, 1948                 (Re-establishment)
Currency Sicilian ducat
Internet TDL .ts                                       
Calling Code 39c

The Two Sicilies, officially the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies but known abroad as simply "Sicily", is a constitutional monarchy located in southern Europe, on the "boot" of the Italian peninsula.

The country is widely regarded as a "Banana Monarchy", considering it's astronomically corrupt and virtually ruled by the Mafia.



The old kingdom was the product of unity between the Kingdom of Sicily and the Kingdom of Naples. This lasted until it was invaded and annexed by Sardinia-Peidmont in 1861 to form the Kingdom of Italy later that year.


Due to allied fear of a powerful Communist Italy, when the PCI/PSI alliance won in the 1948 general elections, southern Italy and the island of Sicily were declared independent as the revived "Kingdom of the Two Sicilies", alongside Sardinia as a neutral republic. The Christian Democratic party took control of the Two Sicilies due to southern Italy almost unanimously voting for them in the 1948 elections. However, the decision to both split Italy and place the Christian Democrats in power would lead to unimaginable political corruption for the kingdom and a hardline stance by Italy during the Cold War.



The Two Sicilies utilizes a parliamentary system. The incumbent prime minister is Bernardo Provenzano of the political party "Padri Nostri", or "Our Fathers", and has held that position since February 12, 2014. Sicily has been widely called "One-Party" due to the Christian Democrats winning every single election from 1948 until its breakup in 2012.


The military of the Two Sicilies is the "Reale esercito di Sua Maesta il Re del Regno delle Due Sicilie" (Royal army of His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies), though shortened very often to simply Reale esercito (Royal army). It is divided into the Reale esercito (Royal army), Reale marina (Royal Navy), Reale aeronautica (Royal air force), and Carabinieri (Caribineers).

National Identity

Ever since the breakup of Italy, the south has seen itself different from their neighbors. The Two Sicilies started seeing itself as "Sicilian" especially after the government made Sicilian the official language of the Two Sicilies as opposed to Italian. The Sicilian language prior to Official status was widely considered to be a dialect of Italian, however it is distinct enough from Italian to be considered a separate language. Italy however, still claims the Two Sicilies as rightfully Italian.