Kingston (Condo Takeover)

Kingston was a city in Ontario that was once part of Canada became an independent city-state after the global economic collapse occurred in 2045 as well as the destruction of Hamilton Ontario 2031 caused by the wrath of God terrorist group. Independence movement happened as a result of Mayor Jedediah Jefferson who became the mayor of the city in March 2041. After the economic collapse, much of Canada's economy collapsed and there was massive unemployment throughout the country. The city did not suffer nearly as much as the rest of the province predominantly because the city mostly relied on public institutions like hospitals and universities which continue to function even during the economic collapse. Kingston was also known for new inventors who invent hydroponic techniques that revolutionized the way food was reproduced. Also as a result of the investment of the Gates Foundation, the city of Kingston revitalize the abandoned asylum and converted into a hydroponic farm. This insured that the city of Kingston Ontario had a reliable source of food during an economic crisis. The farming conditions in the city were also extremely profitable and the city provided food for the more impoverished parts of the country. All these factors led to the city becoming independent in 2045. The city works closely with the Canadian government to try and re-stabilize the country after years of economical neglect and US interference. The city of Kingston is a unique place that preserves its history and culture. Currently, he is the most successful city in the province of Ontario predominantly because of its sustainable food supply of proximity to the train lines there such an essential part of this new and complicated world. The city is also known for its strong stance against hate groups including the wrath of God that destroyed the city of Hamilton. The city's investment in the formal city of Hamilton also led to the city being converted into a hydroponic facility that provides food for much of the country including the union of Prairie provinces, the Arctic territories, and Canadian Columbia formally.

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