Alternate Future Wiki

countries  independent from the Disney Corporation

North America

the city state of Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, formally the independent Republic of Utah

The country of Texas, the independent Republic of Arizona, the People's Republic of Oregon

Québec, the United Maritime provinces, the Confederacy of British Columbia, the native league of the Arctic

The Philadelphia Archipelago, the Republic of Rhode Island, the Rocky Mountain conclave


Sicily, the Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden, Norway

South America

Brazil Chile Argentina

The Middle East

Saudi Arabia Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Kenya


currently unknown how much influence of corporation has


Hong Kong, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Hawaii, Burma, Cameroon


The new Republic of Tasmania, the Republic of South Australia

By the 24th century

Brazil, Kenya, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the Republic of Rhode Island, the native league of the Arctic, the United Maritime provinces, Sicily, the Rocky Mountain conclave

Norway, Mongolia, Philippines, Norway, Tasmania, Thailand