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this city was formally known as Reykjavík, Iceland. In 2034 the Scandinavian countries of Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the Netherlands became the Republic of Scandinavia. This wasn't a response to the economic collapse of the eurozone in the early 2020s. the city of Reykjavík became the capital of the province of Iceland. In 2040 the Lucifer Corporation invested heavily in the revitalization of Reykjavík. They became the chief employer in the city by 2045. This Corporation produces cosmetic goods, household cleaners, pigments that produce light, biomedical technology, hydroponic fruit, insect protein, the manufactures of artificial brain substitutes. in 2050 the Lucifer Corporation took control of the city of Reykjavík and renamed the city Lucifer city. This was the first of many corporate controlled cities in the Republic of Scandinavia. The city of Lucifer is the economic powerhouse of the Republic of Scandinavia. They introduced a universal declaration of human rights and Lucifer city and throughout the empire of Scandinavia. In 2052 Lucifer Jedediah hellfire became the CEO of the Lucifer company and Lucifer city. he achieved success by starting the bakery company mutually assured cupcakes.

Origin of the name

Lucifer company is named that because Lucifer means bringer of light this company's first product was a life producing pigment for clothing and skyscrapers. the company is not associated with the Church of Satan even the founder is a key member of the community. many religious groups believe that the Lucifer Corporation and Lucifer city or the Gateway of evil