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Welcome to the alternate future wiki. This wiki is about alternate future scenarios. These scenarios are based on historical events that went different, but can go as far into the future as the author wants. If creating these types of scenarios are in your interest, join our Wiki and start contributing!

Please read our rules before contributing.

  • Do not copy from the Alternate History Wiki. Its contents are copyrighted! Making a reference of origin does not clear it. Note that this is because they consider it to be stealing.
  • Free images and photos can be used if they are attributed.
  • Research and map/photo finding can be done at Wikipedia.
  • No vandalism or spam
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January 3rd, 2015: One-year anniversary of this wiki. </noinclude>
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For OTL future history, see the Future Wiki. For alternate history setted in the past, see the Alternate History Wiki. For map games, visit the Map Game Wiki. Alternatively, you can visit the Contructive Worlds Wiki. Para Español, visita Wiki de Futuro Alternativo.

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