Meadow Sweet Fairchild (Puritan States)

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Meadow Sweet In In 1959 outside the Venetian Townhall looking whore at the day of remembrance massacre that occurred in in her hometown of Oslo by the Puritan terrorist Perseus Templeton Masterson who killed 157 Wiccans on remembrance Day 1959.

Meadow Sweet Fairchild (June 4, 1926 – June 4, 2014) she is a famous author, director and the high priestess of the Venetian coven. She was born in 1926 in Oslo in the pagan Confederacy. Her parents both died from smallpox in 1936 on a humanitarian aid trip to the slums of New London. that same year she was sent to live with her aunt Lucinda Belcher in the city of Venice, pagan Confederacy. her aunt was the high priestess of the Venetian coven. In 1951 she became the high priestess of the Venetian coven. in 1953 she was 27 years old she left the Venetian cover and moved to Florence there she created her award-winning book the planet beyond the stars. This is a book about about a a non-gender conforming alien to become stranded in New London. The alien Attila Stardust tries to fight for gender equality in London however she is executed by the Puritan forces because they didn't understand her unique existence. She's then resurrected and becomes the goddess of the stars. This book was released in 1957 and sold 57 million copies. Her book was a metaphor for the oppression of women throughout history not just in the Puritan parts the world. She is also credited with founding the genre of the sci-fi genre and and cosmic fiction. this was her only book but it inspired science fiction and feminist writers globally. In 1979 she turned to directing and wrote the movie the artist of evil which grossed a record-breaking $27 million worldwide. She also founded the pagan Academy of arts and entertainment. In 2004 she was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the pagan screen actors Guild. She retired in the Wiccan Republic. she is considered one of the most popular authors of her generation. Her movies and her ideas about gender continue to inspire both men and women. She was also an advocate for global vaccination because of the death of her parents in New London. She also created the New London charitable foundation in 1995 this organization help provide financial aid, medical care and adequate housing for the poor citizens who live in the slums of New London. However this organization was dismantled by King Jeremiah V because he saw it as an affront to God.

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