Milhouse Adolph Hitler (Puritan States)

Milhouse Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889 – April 30, 1912) he was an artist and convicted serial. He was born in Middlesex, United Puritan kingdom . His family moved to New London, United Puritan kingdom when he was 10 years old. In 1912 he killed 27 women outside the grand Puritan church. He was convicted and was burned at the stake. he would been hanged but he was burned at the stake because he killed women on holy ground. Today very little is known about the serial killer mostly because his hometown was bulldozed and replaced by the city of new Salem in 1921. All of his records were also burned and the families of his victims were paid off. All of his school records were also destroyed and many of his family members were shot. We only know about his crimes because of the document discovered by historian Ulysses Fenderson and a collection of papers sold to him by elderly man. However once he made his findings public he disappeared and has been missing and has been missing since 1982. It is clear that the United Puritan kingdom does not want Hitler's crimes publicly acknowledged. Ulysses Fenderson Disappearance and pursued murder has been a cold case ever since. in 1993 Ulysses house also burn down as a result of a late next. The story of Hitler and disappearance Ulysses Fenderson have sparked many books and movies. it also led to the popular TV show the forgotten serial killer.

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