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In 1962, the world came immensely close to nuclear devastation. The Cuban Missile Crisis was thankfully averted via diplomacy from the United States and Soviet Union despite several close calls.

But there was one single moment - where one single man changed the fate of the world.

Vasily Arkhipov was on board a Soviet submarine, B-59, where rules dictated that the three most senior officers on board had to agree before a nuclear first strike could be launched. On 27 October, American ships dropped signalling depth charges, signalling to the submarine to surface. This was taken as provocative action by two senior officers, but Arkhipov was the only senior officer that rejected the idea that a nuclear war had already begun and advised the other crew to surface with American ships. This action prevented a mistaken nuclear war and potentially saved millions of lives.

What if he hadn't?

A single change of mind, a singular moment in history where everything changed. Arkhipov agrees and the sub launches nuclear torpedoes and begins a war with the United States, beginning the American-Soviet War of 1962.

Welcome to Missiles Over Florida, a scenario that explores the implications of nuclear conflict, proxy war, and international geopolitical intrigue.


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