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This is a national bakery brand and chain of bakeries founded by Church of Satan member Lucifer Jedediah hellfire. this bakery chain is devoted to post-apocalyptic theme baked goods and the promotion of the philosophy of the Church of Satan. Mutually assured cupcakes were founded on October 31, 2034, in the Hells Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. The chain went nationwide in 2040 and gained popularity and was praised for its unique brand, this bakery also helped reignite the cupcake trend that was popular in the early 21st century. the bakery is best known for its creative flavors and names. It was rated by bon appétit is the most successful national bakery chain. the bakery chain is banned in Texas due to its connection with the Church of Satan.

The bakery menu from 2034 to 2046

  1. Red Square Red Velvet  
  2. Blackout Blackberry
  3. Kremlin Creme Brulee                                              
  4. Watermelon World
  5. Radiated Caramel
  6. Mad Matcha
  7. Fallout fudge
  8. Armageddon Amaretto
  9. Lethal Lemon
  10. Radioactive Raspberry
  11. Meltdown Mango
  12. Strawberry Strigoi
  13. B+ Blood Orange
  14. Bubonic Blueberry
  15. Zombies Delight  
  16. Airborne Peppermint
  17. Parasitic Praline  
  18. Spear Mint
  19. The Cinnamon strain
  20. 28 Cherries Later

Pecan Panic   

  1. The Day After Honey