As of 2050:


Country Capital Notes
Flag of Russia Russia Moscow Russia minus Crimea


Country Capital Notes
Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China Nanjing
Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea Seoul North and South Korea
Republic of Japan Tokyo Japan plus the disputed Southern Kuril Islands and minus the Diaoyu islands
Flag of South Vietnam Republic of Vietnam Saigon
Flag of Laos (1952-1975) Kingdom of Laos Vientiane
Flag of the Khmer Republic Khmer Republic Phnom Penh
Flag of Thailand Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Thailand plus Saharat Thai Doem
Union of Burma Rangoon


Country Capital Notes
US flag 51 stars United States of America Washington DC

Former Nations

Country Capital Notes
People's Republic of Japan Asahikawa Hokkaido, Tohoku and the special wards of Tokyo
Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China Beijing
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