New London (Puritan States)

This is the city in United Puritan Kingdom It was built on the ruins of London. The original city of London was mostly destroyed during the great fire of 1663 that was caused by the burning times. Cromwell believed the fire that destroyed London was holy fire sent by God. The city was destroyed while the Empire was trying to destroy its enemies so no one thought that rebuilding the city was worth it. throughout the 1670s and up until the 1690s the city of London was a burnt ruin full of people who were trying to survive. Most of the city's population was starving and the city's borders were closed because the Puritans believed the city was unholy. It was full of gangs and wild dogs and the Puritans checked bodies into the city. By 1700 the region was so lawless that the government decided to rebuild a small part of the city. New London was founded in 1713. A new church was built where St. Paul's used to stand and this became the new center of the city. few people want to live in New London because everyone believed it was a sinful hellhole. the city was rechristened in 1715 and was considered crimes of evil. However the city never became the size it once was. New London is still the poorest city in Europe. New London is considered the least important city in United Puritan Kingdom. It became a backwater will Cambridge became a thriving city became the largest city United Puritan Kingdom after Paris, Denmark, Boston and new Jerusalem. Revolutionary scientist Tara Hawthorne was born in this region. in 1823 there was a major outbreak of smallpox in New London and 100,000 people died. The city's population never recovered and the city found anarchy. The the Puritans regain control of the city and rounded up all the people that they believed were responsible for the disease. another thousand people executed which was the largest mass execution in New London since the burning Times. The city's population was also decimated in the pagan flu.

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