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the state of new Nevada was created on March 1, 2045, and was formed from the states of Nevada, Utah Arizona, New Mexico. Following the creation of this new state, there is a series of new states that were created.

the era of the new states

The former states of California Washington Oregon became new California. This new state did not include Seattle or Portland which both became independent republics. this occurred in 2048. in 2049 the states of North and South Carolina combined and became North Carolina. The same thing Virginia and West Virginia 2051, North and South Dakota in 2052. The southern states of Florida, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana became known as a southern state in 2063. However, in 2078 Louisiana became an independent republic. The central states of Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Tennessee became known as the central state in 2072. by the 2080s the makeup of the map of the United States at a radically changed by the creation of new states. Finally, in 2082 Puerto Rico officially became a state. This creation of new states was only possible by the creation of new Nevada which was proposed by Sen. Jedediah Springfield in 2041.