Alternate Future Wiki

Early 21st century

2013: North west Kardashian is born

2019: the Notre Dame fire occurs

The 2020s

2022: Venice experiences the worst flooding in 20 years

2023: the Venetian canal begins to be drained and a massive dams built to retrofit the city from future flooding

2024: the Cathedral fire prevention act is passed in the European Union

The 2030s

2035: the Syrian city of Aleppo is fully rebuilt and the museum is established to remember all the people that died the Syrian civil war which devastated the country in the early 21st century

2038: Venice is completely protected by artificial seawall to completely eliminate flooding

The 2040s

2042: a gunman opened fire at the Academy Awards  

2045: the Marshall Islands are completely submerged

2045: a series of artificial islands are built around the city of Venice in order to further retrofit the city

2045: the district of new Venice is established

2046: Damien Blackwell well-known transgendered rights activists was born

2048: North west Kardashian becomes a senator

2048: the Venetian art and culture opened on Leonardo da Vinci Island in the district of new Venice

The 2050s

2053: an artificial island chain was established to provide housing for the people of the Marshall Islands

2054: Dubai became a republic well-known for its cultural institutions

2054: an economic crisis occurs in the Netherlands

2055: Venice eliminates the use of fossil fuels and introduces a new environmentally friendly transportation network

2058: the European Union Museum of our established

2058: the Pacific culture protection agency established

The 2060s

2060 – 2068: Northwest Kardashian becomes the first female president of the United States

2061: the second Korean War is ended by Pres. Northwest Kardashian

2063: Venice becomes carbon neutral

2068: the Marshall Islands Memorial Museum and cultural center is established

The 2070s

2077: Las Vegas is flooded and completely destroyed

2079: 97% of the Netherlands is flooded

2079: Damien Blackwell was killed in the Times Square massacre

2079: Syrian museum of art and culture opens

2079: Uffizi  Gallery shut down in Florence Italy and its art is relocated to the city of new Venice

2079: the Times Square massacre occurs

The 2080s

2083: former Pres. Northwest establishes a a charity that helps people with mental illness 2083: the Venice preservation project is started

2088: the Netherlands archipelago begins to be constructed

The 2090s

2093: The former Uffizi  gallery is converted into $1 million condo complex

The 22nd century

2100: the Netherlands archipelago consists of 158 islands

2112: Northwest Kardashian

2113: the Northwest foundation established

2114: the Republic of Korea elects the very first female leader

2122: the Venetian Republic elects their first female president

2128: the new Pacific Union is established

2133: the new Soviet Union elects the first female president

2179: the Syrian Museum of art and culture experiences its 100th anniversary, 135th anniversary of democratic government of Syria

The 23rd century

2200: New Venice and old Venice become the largest mega-city in Europe after the Netherlands archipelago

2200: Museum of 21st-century culture is founded

The 25th century

2400: the Netherlands archipelago consists of 2000 islands

2400: Las Vegas memorials built