New York City (Y2K Apocalypse)

After the apocalypse

On New Year's Day 2000 electrical grid of New York City was destroyed along with the rest of the world's. On the first day, the electrical grid, the water supply, and sewage system all failed. By February 2000 the city was in anarchy drug dealers and gangs were looting the city and fires were set all through Central Park destroying most of the greenery. The sewage system also backed up contact me the water supply. In March 2000 the city was hit with a devastating outbreak of cholera they killed 300 people.  a devastating fire also destroyed much of Brooklyn's in June of that year. By August the city was anarchy there is a lack of food and clean water.

Government reestablished

in 2001 a new governmental system was established in New York City. Rudy Giuliani the former mayor of the city became known as Giuliani the first King of Manhattan. He established a harsh military regime that suppressed all dissenters. He successfully also appoint engineers that invented a rudimentary water purification system. He also established a farm in Central Park in order to produce food for the island. However, these positive innovations were at the cost of freedom and personal autonomy. Eventually, he was overthrown by Jedediah Mayfield who became Mayfield the first on June 1, 2003. He established a new era of peace and began to trade with the former boroughs of Manhattan also become monarchies. Mayfield the first established trade deals with Fatima the first queen of the Bronx, Giovanni the first King of Queens, Jackson the first King of Staten Island.

An era of peace

New York City was one of the few cities on the West Coast they reestablished governments and creative primitive food and water supply. in 2004 the governments of the boroughs began to trade with tribes from the surrounding regions and established a permanent trade network. Scouts from New York City also establish trade links with the people of Boston and the Rhode Island Republic. New York City became a center of trade in a post electricity world. Their primitive water filtration systems also benefited the surrounding region. However eventually New York City was threatened by violent tribes from the former city of New York. This led to a series of military garrisons defending the borders of New York City and establishing large barriers. The city remained isolated and did not contact the outside world until 2015 when they re-establish trade links with the former states of New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey

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