Alternate Future Wiki

The 2020s:

2020: multiple scientists die in the Antarctic as a result of lack of food

2021: the Federation of Antarctica outposts is formed

2022: hydroponic farms are established in Antarctica

2023:Fatima Yousif invents lab grown meat

2024: Antarctica become self-sufficient and produces its own food and water

2028: a nuclear war occurs

2028: the Antarctic becomes completely self-sufficient

2028: the scientists in Antarctica lose contact with the outside world

2028: all Internet and phone services are cut off in the Antarctic

2029: United States government collapses

2029: same-sex marriage, abortion, premarital sex and homosexuality become a legal and punishable by death in the Republic of Texas

The 2030s:

2030: a global famine occurs

2030: the Antarctic regains contact with the outside world

2031: HP Lovecraft XV becomes a famous author

2033: Antarctica cultural center is founded

2033: the first historians begin to examine nuclear war of 2028

2035: the mass deportation of non-Christians in Texas

2034: the governments of Europe collapsed

2035: electricity is reestablished in the Republic of Texas

2036: the Republic of New York is founded

The 2040s

2040: McMurdo University is established

2041: the Federation of Antarctic outposts is leading the world in technology

2041: new São Paulo was founded in Antarctica

2042: Jermaine Jackson Institute for hydroponics is created

The 2050s

2050: the first commercial geodesic dome is built in Antarctica

2050: Rosa Parks hydroponic farm is founded

2050: heavily regulated Internet connections are established in Texas

2051: the San Francisco Memorial complex

2053: Hawaiian embassy is found in Antarctica

The 2060s

2060: First United Church of Antarctica

2061: the first mosque is built in Antarctica

The 2070s

2070: new global seed vault is found in Antarctica near new São Paulo

The 2080s

2080: H.P. Lovecraft library is found in Antarctica

2080: Amazonian base is found in Antarctica

2082: Santa Fe colony is established in Antarctica

2085: new Moscow colony is founded in Antarctica

2086: the Museum of Antarctic technology is founded

The 2090s

2091: new Chicago city is founded

2091: the Brazilian Embassy in Antarctica is built

2092: new Rio de Janeiro was founded in Antarctica