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PONTIFUS, The Bridge Builder's Tale  Copyright © 2017, The Kirchman Studio, all rights reserved 

Table of Contents, Click to Enter:  Prequil: The Reckless Engineer

PONTIFUSThe Bridge Builder's Tale in Three Parts Book 1: Dinner Stop at the End of the World Book 2: Zimmerman's Folly Book 3: Little House at the End of the World

NOVUS VIAA Story of the More Perfect Way Book 1: A Guide to the 2059/2060 World's Fair Book 2: The Long Road Home Book 3: The Road to Damascus

CORVINUSA Story of Three Brothers and Their Rise to Power Book 1: The Brothers CORVINUS Book 2: Ascent to Power Book 3: Behold the Man

APOLLONIUSA Journey to a World Unseen JOSIAHA Time for Healing 

The Gift Horse, A Short Story Stones of Remembrance, A Short Story ZIMMERLOOPTM, Travel in the Year 2059