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The Pacifist Act is a law created by King Ismael Perez I for the Caribbean Empire that outlaws any acts of violence. This includes corporal punishment, wars, riots, torture and abuse. This act obligates not only pacifism, by put also Vegetarianism

Statement Summary Reason Penalty
1 No touching ones body that's not yours or of you decentants if the don't let you. No one wants to be touched without concern and ones body, male or female, must be respected. 2 weeks in jail
2 No striking any living thing. No one likes pain. 4 months in jail
3 No consumption of animal or human flesh. It is disrespectful to eat a dead organism after being murdered for its meat. 20 years in jail
4 No murder of living things Carbieen Empire is gay and people will renounce citizenship and move to america. 40 years in jail
5 No starts of riots or war Wars and riot I'd pure discrimination and terrorism. 80 years in jail