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Alternate Future

So, this alternate future includes how humans never fully evolved, and dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

A normal day in this alternate future

You wake up from one corner of a cave, yawn, then go outside to see your friend getting eaten by a raptor. You slowly walk to the river to bathe, 4 other "cavemen" are there, also bathing. Raptors begin to swarm one of the cavemen, and then proceed to bite the person.

How this happened

The goverment decided to go to war with an unknown person who claims to run a group of terrorists known as "The Bob-ombs." However, this was a prank by a teenager in his dorm, only to see a mushroom cloud outside.. And never wakes up.. However, some members of the goverment survive and travel back to the past, and brings the rest of the survivors with them. Then begin to go primal and reproduce, which ends up to give most life though the years, ending up all the way to 2015, but with more dinosaurs everywhere,

Did you enjoy?

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