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On June 30, 2049, the former province of Québec declared independence from Canada. This was after decades of the separatist movement in the province. This movement was sparked by the 2019 Canadian election. During this election, the Bloc Quebecois won a record number of seats in the province. During the 2044 election, the Québec party got every seat in the House of Commons in the province of Québec for the first time in Canadian history. The Canadian government also challenge the law in Québec that banned all religious symbols in public. The Canadian government interference in the policies of Québec contributed to Québec becoming an independent nation. During the American Civil War in the 2050s, Québec became more conservative and criticize the Canadian government accepting refugees from the United States. After the end of the war, Québec became much more liberal.

The impact

Québec independence also causes the Maritime provinces to become independent.The Federation of Maritime Provinces was established in 2063. This region was extremely poor as a result of the economic collapse caused by the second American Civil War and the breakup of the United Kingdom. This nation requested financial aid from the Icelandic government after the request was denied by the Canadian government. This also sparked the short-lived Canadian Icelandic Cold War that lasted from 2033 to 2034. Eventually, the Maritimes joined the Icelandic economic union in 2072. People from the Maritimes could work in Iceland without a visa. By 2100 the Maritimes became an official part of the Republic of Iceland.

Reuniting of Canada

By 2500 Québec and the Maritimes rejoined the Canadian Federation formerly known as Canada. The reunification of the Canadian Federation cause the nation to become an economic power. The Canadian Federation also became a world leader in producing dandelion-based biofuel. The Canadian federation also traded with the republics of the former United States. The Canadian Federation accepted refugees from the former state of Utah.