Remembrance Day of 2059 (Second Amendment Civil War)

In Washington DC the remembrance Day celebration of 2059 commemorated the veterans of World War I, World War II the Vietnam War and all other Americans. In 2059 remembrance day also commemorated all the members of the military and civilians that died during the second American Civil War. This ceremony also revealed a brand-new World War II memorial that was built in Washington in October 2059. The original memorial was completely destroyed during the siege of Washington DC. A temporary memorial to the second American Civil War was also revealed. A permanent memorial eventually was completed in 2063 it took so long as a result of the restructuring of the American government into a parliamentary democracy and the resulting economic chaos caused by the Civil War. The remembrance in 2059 is considered by historians to be one of the saddest remembrance days in US history since World War I, World War II and the first American Civil War. this day also commemorated all the people that died in the nuclear bombings of Seattle and San Francisco and all the ideological attacks of the war. There's also controversy on this day because antiquity industries that were responsible for designing bio weapons that they would commemorative remember all the victims that died during the second American Civil War despite the fact that they were responsible for many of the deaths.  historians also consider the remembrance day of 2059 as a beginning of relative peace in the United States after the end of the American Civil War.  

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