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Renfield's is a local Scandinavian European insect fusion restaurant in Lucifer Heights in Lucifer city, Scandinavia.  it was founded on October 31, 2040. This local restaurant helped introduce Scandinavian European fusion food to the world. This restaurant is considered the best place to get deep-fried crickets and all of the Republic of Scandinavia. the restaurant file bankruptcy in 2066 as a result of the scandal which involved the selling of endangered species, organized crime, manipulation, and employment discrimination. The company also refused a higher undead individual. the company also collapsed due to the popularity of Kentucky fried crickets, cricket hut, cricket Bell.

Origin of the name

the name of this restaurant originates from  the owner's name Renfield hellfire as well as a character from Bram Stoker's Dracula was assessed with eating insects.


  1.   The selling of endangered species, insider trading, a law prohibiting the hiring of the undead aquatic humanoids
  2. the restaurant's founder was accused of sexual abuse in 2061 and sentenced to 28 years in prison
  3. 126 people died of food poisoning in 2062
  4.   violated the Republic of Scandinavia's prohibition of selling Greenland shark
  5. used illegal immigrants from the acquired humanoid colony in the North Atlantic