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The History of the virus

The virus was first seen in 2055 in Lucifer city in the Republic of Scandinavia. The symptoms were extreme it led to a total inability to consume human food. Sufferers of the disease were forced to get their nutrients from blood products and insects. This unusual dietary requirement leads to discrimination of those with the disease. Other symptoms included sensitivity to light, inability to handle strong spices. Individuals are also anemic and have an increased risk of heart disease. Also of people straight from the diet they become paranoid aggressive and die fairly quickly. Victims of the virus are also susceptible and highly at risk from minor illnesses like the flu. In rare cases, individuals can even die from this virus if left untreated. This virus's name is extremely controversial because it was named after a character from Dracula. People with this virus have been unfairly associated with vampires and demons. People with this virus are normal individuals who need to be accepted. since the introduction of artificial blood, those suffering the effects of the Renfield virus can live longer lives and could be more accepted in society. The introduction of Starbucks red and other Renfield friendly restaurants the public visibility of these individuals has increased. The Lucifer Corporation beginning in 2062 is working on finding a cure for the Renfield virus. This is controversial because Lucifer Corporation also owns Starbucks and insect restaurants.

Negative Stereotypes

  1. Those infected Renfield virus are vampires
  2. People with the virus worship Satan and are evil
  3. The viruses sexually transmitted
  4. individuals murder people
  5. A media conspiracy
  6. People with this virus are subhuman