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Coat of Arms of Republic of Hong Kong, the

Coat of Arms of Republic of Hong Kong, the

Republic of Hong Kong is a country that borders People's Republic of China.

Start of the Civil War of Hong Kong :

At 2047, the pledge of 50 years autonomy had ended so the China government decided to reunification with Hong Kong SAR. The People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison occupied New territories and Lantau with HK police. At the same time, the guerrillas of Hong Kong start a civil war at Hong Kong Island. The guerrillas got help from Taiwan, Catalonia and USA so they have nice weapons. They also train a lot. Also a lot of volunteers join the guerrillas.

Rebel at New territories :

PRC is so cruel to the New territories' citizens so a lot of towns start a violence rebellion. PRC is losing their control of New territories.

War of Kowloon :

The guerrillas attack Kowloon and the New territories rebels surrounded last People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison at Kowloon. They successfully takeover Kowloon.

The War of North :

At last PRC just control Lantau and Sheung Shui. They started attack the last area that PRC controlling. This War is called War of North or The Liberate War. They successfully control whole Hong Kong after the war.

After the War :

Although the War do not stop officially but Hongkongers established their country at 28-8-2048, It's called Republic of Hong Kong. The economic development of Hong Kong are very fast. They became one of the richest country in the world. However, they lost 10% population at the War and over one million of China citizens and China supporters migrated to China.

The Official Establish day :

Flag of Republic of Hong Kong, the

Flag of Republic of Hong Kong, the

China government got pressure from the worldwide so PRC signed the peace treaty with Republic of Hong Kong at 1st of January, 2049. This was the 'Tamer Peace Treaty'.