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Flag of Republic of Hong Kong

Flag of Republic of Hong Kong

The Republic of Hong Kong is a country that borders the People's Republic of China.

The Civil War of Hong Kong :

At 2047, the pledge of 50 years autonomy had ended, the Chinese government decided to reunifiy with the Hong Kong SAR. The People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison occupied the New territories and Lantau with the HK police. At the same time, the guerrillas of Hong Kong started a civil war in Hong Kong Island, capturing the island in two weeks. The guerrillas got help from Taiwan, the UK and the USA. so they had enough weapons to fight off the PLA. They were also trained by American and Taiwanese veterans in realistic scenarios to be better s prepared for war. A lot of troops were gained from volunteers and defectors from the Hong Kong police due to the cruelty and injustice of the Chinese and HKSAR government.

Rebellion in the New territories :

PRC was cruel to the people of the New territories as they tortured civilians. A lot of towns such of Yuen Long, Sha Tin etc started violent protests. PRC was losing their control of the New Territories.

The Liberation of Kowloon :

The guerrillas attacked Kowloon and the New territories rebels surrounded the last People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison at Kowloon. They successfully took over Kowloon.

The battle of the North :

At last, Lantau Island and Sheung Shui was the last of China’s territory in Hong Kong. They started attacking the last area that PRC controlling. This War is called War of North or The Liberation War. They successfully unified Hong Kong after the war.

After the War :

The War did not stop officially, but nonetheless HongKongers declared their independence and the establishment of their country on 28-8-2048, called the Republic of Hong Kong. However, the economy of Hong Kong became very unstable due to the war and being overdependent on Chinese investors , Hong Kong fell into economic depression and took 13 years to recover. They also lost 10% of their population due to heavy casualties, refugees, and thousands of Chinese citizens and Chinese supporters fleeing to China.

The Official Establish day, “Independence Day” :

Coat of arms of Republic of Hong Kong

Coat of arms of Republic of Hong Kong

The Chinese government was pressured worldwide, forcing the PRC to sign a peace treaty with the Republic of Hong Kong on the 1st of January, 2049. This was the 'Kowloon Peace Treaty'. This day will be known as “Independence Day” to HongKongers. After the treaty was signed, Hong Kong became a sovereign state and joined the UN.

Continuation of Chinese imperialism

However, after signing the peace treaty, President Sun Zhengcai was proven worthless, he was assassinated and was replaced by Han Zheng. Hong Kong’s UN seat was immediately taken and even with the peace treaty signed, China will continue to threaten Hong Kong until 2067.