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On the 18th 2079 the condo residential federation of Toronto controlled a large percentage of the city and as a result his organization was renamed the housing and cultural authority of new Toronto. This organization beginning in 2083 began to lobby the city government of new Toronto to turn the city into an independent republic very similar to the to the Republic of Kingston which was founded in 2045. In 2087 the city of new Toronto officially became known as the independent city state of greater Toronto. This was an extremely powerful city state in Ontario that ruled local politics. They also had extensive trade deals with the Canadian government. Their major experts were artistic achievements, hydroponically grown food and artificially produced poultry. By 2100 Toronto is one of the most powerful independent republics on the North American continent after the Republic of Kingston and the new Republic of Texas.

22nd century and beyond

By 2200 the Republic of Toronto had expanded greatly the hydroponic farm that was built on the formal site of Hamilton Ontario. By 2203 the Republic of Toronto also successfully annexed most of southern Ontario except for the Republicans extend. By 2240 Republic of Toronto became officially known as the Republic of southern Ontario. Eventually by 2300 this Republic became known as the Republic of Ontario. A controlled all of Ontario except for the Republic of Kingston. This also led to the breakup of Canada.