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  1. Name- Republic of Pensacola.
  2. Capital city- Pensacola.
  3. Largest city/town- Tallahassee.
  4. Other cities/towns- Mobile, Quitman, Biloxi, Gulfport and Marianna.
  5. Leader-
  6. Deputy leader-
  7. Regime- Democratic right wing republic.
  8. Language- Southern U.S. English, African-American English,Mexican Spanish, Cuban Spanish, Vietnamese, Louisiana Creole, Porto Rican Spaniash, Haitian, French of France and Accadian French.
  9. Religion- Variose protestants.
  10. Population- 2,525,000.
  11. Economy-Farming and fishing. The low level export of canned tuna.
  12. Climate- Tropical and humid subtropical.
  13. Military- 2,500.
  14. Economic strength- Low
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