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On August 18, 2026, the city of Seattle seceded from the United States after Washington experienced bankruptcy and total government collapse in 2025. The Republic of Seattle quickly became a corporate city that was rebuilt and revitalized by Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon and the Lucifer Corporation. The Republic of Seattle became an economic powerhouse in the 2030s and led to the economic recovery of the Pacific Northwest. The west of the state of Washington became part of Oregon, in 2027. The Republic of Seattle is internationally known as one of the most prosperous city-states in the world. The Republic of Seattle has the largest undead community in the world. They also have the first underwater Starbucks.

Corporate Consolidation

In 2067 Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon world bought by the Lucifer company. This made the Lucifer company the largest multinational corporation history and the second company worth $1 trillion. There was controversy however the people of Seattle quickly accepted the Lucifer Corporation when becoming clear they were not trying to take over the city. Unlike Reykjavk, Seattle was not renamed and the president of the Republic of Seattle remains in control.


The Republic of Seattle is a democracy with the government that directly lacks its leaders through popular vote. They abandoned the electoral college in 2027 as a result of all the havoc caused in the United States. Eventually, the United States government fully abolished the electoral college in 2077.