Rome comes together and starts a war against Mainland Europe and conquers most of it. The remaining countries are only there for alliances during the conquest for global domination. China allies with Russia and takes over a large piece of land stretching from Japan to Australiasia. Eventually, two superpowers, the Soviet-Asian powers clash against the New European Empire. America just watches and only takes action after Alaska is reclaimed by the Soviet-Asian powers. The superpowers clash in a nuclear Cold War, mostly staged in the polluted tundras of Vladiostok which was decimated by a nuclear warhead. Later, Africa joins the war. The Europeans stockpile lots of nuclear warheads in a secret facility in the Alps which was hollowed out for resources. America discovers it and eventually blows up the Alps. This causes a huge outcry and the Eurasian continent fights each other, totally ignoring the U.S. which was the one who actually blew up the natural landmark but just keep blaming each other. Eventually, the New European Empire rises and dominates Eurasia-Africa. The two remaining superpowers put aside their differences and invest in space travel and interstellar flight. U.S. Now owns Alpha Centauri while the N.E.E colonizes the Solar System.

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