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Repubblica di Sardinia
Republic of Sardinia
Flag of the Republic of Sardinia.png
Coat of Arms of the Republic of Sardinia.png
Population 1,425,413 (1951 Census)
Domonym Sardinian
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Languages Italian (Official)
Capital Cagliari

Other Cities

Establishment April 17, 1948                 (Independence from Italy)
Area 24,090 sq km (9,300 sq mi)
Currency Sardinian Lira
Calling Code 39c

Sardinia, officially the Republic of Sardinia, was a short-lived state located in the mediterranean sea. Sardinia was a neutral republic that broke away from Italy following the Communist victory in the Italian general elections.

The Republic of Sardinia came to an end when the Communist insurgency finally took down the government, and Sardinia was officially annexed by the Italian Worker's Republic.