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By 2019 America is no longer a superpower, instead it is a nation in poverty, in some states technology is back to the 1800's. Riots broke out in New York, Salt lake city and Los Angeles over food and water shortages. Military declared Marshall law and opened fire on any protesters. In march 12 2020 US national guardsmen opened fire on a group of protesters. This encouraged the people to fight.


War broke out after, Militia and ragtag civilians fought police, and national guardsmen. Their goal was to restore order in America. Shortly after though the US military was sent in and New York was bombed by the air force. Militia leaders were captured and executed while civilian rebels continued to fight. By 2021 the battle seemed impossible to win. over 500,000 civilians were killed and 300,000 militia killed also. For a brief while the rebellion went defunct until Alex Jones led a massive force of 400,000 militia, police officers and US army soldiers (fed up with government) led a massive counterattack against the government. by 2025 the rebels won and peace was restored.


Marshall law on the streets.