By 2027 Manchuria secedes from the PRC and forms another Qing dynasty, The SQD has annexed Singapore, Korea ( Mostly northern parts.) Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bhutan, and western half of Japan. Later on it conquered half of China, South Korea and parts of India.


During the early stages of the Qing onslaught Taiwan resisted fiercely. Massive naval battles broke out in South China sea, several killed in Taipei. The Japan self defense force clashed with Qing troops but later lost. The royal family and also Emperor fled to South Korea. 2nd battle of iwo jima broke out in 2020.


Relations with the west were horrible. the United States attempted to get the Russians to attack Qing but it failed.


With South Korea and China joining the second Qing Dynasty, Qing domination of Asia is vey possible.

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