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Republic of Zhetland (Shetland)
2047 –
80px 80px
"Flower of Scotland"


Capital Lerwick
Largest city Lerwick
Official languages Scottish Gaelic, Doric (Scots), Standardised British English, 
Dominant Ideology Liberal-Democracy, liberal and Left wing
Government Presidental Democracy
Head of State President Morag Forister
Head of Government Prime minister Hamish Mc Beth
Territory Modern day Scotland
Population 225,000
Currency Euro (€) and United Nordic Krona
Religion Presbyterian
Race Shetlanders, Orcadians, Danes, Norwegians and Scots.


The devolved dependency is off the northeast coast of Scotland. The main industries are tourism, farming and fishing. Like the Orkneys, the oil industry experienced a surge in demand during and after the UK' civil war, but was unable to diversify its economy into finance due to its reliance on limited oil reserves, so it is therefore somewhat depressed, although the adoption of the United Nordic Krona has helped its trade with Scandinavia.

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