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Alright, so I'm going to break the fourth wall here and will talk directly to you, the reader. This timeline seperates from our own on January 1st, 2018. Because of this, I am not going to show the result of any election that happened in 2017. I will also skip elections where the candidates' affiliations aren't listed because it's difficult to tell who's a Socialist or a Libertarian or a Democrat or a Republican and who isn't.

The Financial Crash (January 2018)

On January 1st, 2018, DOW Jones and Nasdaq crashed, seemingly for no reason whatsoever, causing a 20% unemployment rate. This caused membership of the Socialist Party USA and the Libertarian Party to become more popular, with the popularity of the Republican Party to decrease, and the Progressive Party (2018) to break away from the Democratic Party all by January 5th. The Progressives are led by Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. The Vermont Progressive Party immediately requested to be Vermont's branch of the Progressive Party (2018), which the Progressives accepted.

Texas Civil War (February to June 2018)

On February 2018, El Paso declared independence from Texas. Texas was unable to stop El Paso for a few weeks, until they managed to win in the Battle of Loving County, and started pushing El Paso forces back, until a rumour arose that New Mexico was planning to invade Texas. Despite the fact that the rumours were debunked again and again by every news source imaginable literally a few minutes later, Texas Governor Greg Abbott decides to invade New Mexico. The Federal Government and every other state is in shock. President Trump, in a tweet, called Greg Abbott a "no-good paranoid loser." He then decides to deploy troops to Texas to punish it for invading New Mexico, until on June 2th, 2018, the Treaty of Lind, WA, states that El Paso shall be an incorporated Territory, to be accepted into the Union on June 27th, that Texas shall recognise El Paso's statehood, consisting of El Paso, Hudspeth, Culberson, Jeff Davis, Presidio, Brewster, Terrel, Pesos, and Reeves Counties, with 1 Congressional District. It also stated that Texas's 16th Congressional District, which consisted mostly of El Paso, will be deactivated until the 2020 Census, and it forced Governor Greg Abbott to resign with a lifetime ban from serving for public office anywhere and from living in the United States. As a result, Dan Patrick became Governor of Texas.

Campaign Season (February to October 2018)

All 3 parties would attack the governing Democratic and Republican parties, with Tulsi Gabbard herself holding up a piece of paper displaying the word "hint" and saying, "Take the hint," in an interview with Rachel Maddow. Many moderate and liberal Republicans and Sandercrats joined the Progressive Party (2018), while some far-left Democrats joined the Socialist Party USA. States' Rights politicians on both sides joined the Libertarian Party. Libertarian party membership went from 400k to 2 million by the time November rolled around, with the Socialist Party USA's membership increasing from 1000 to 2000 and the Progressive Party's membership reaching 39.4 million in that same amount of time. However, the Democratic Party's membership decreasing from 58 million to 40 million by November, with the Republican Party's membership decreased from 52 million to 46 million. Many prominent Democrats, Republicans, and Independents also changed their affiliation to Socialists, Libertarians, or Progressives.

Election Day (November 6, 2018) (WIP)

Leader Party Leader's Seat Seats Contested Last Election Seats Before Seats Won Change
Mitch McConnell Republican Kentucky TBD 52 45 37
Chuck Schumer Democratic New York TBD 46 36 16
Bernie Sanders Progressive Vermont TBD 0 12 9
Jeff Flake Libertarian Arizona TBD 0 6 4
N/A Independent N/A TBD 2 1 0
State Incumbent Party First Elected Incumbent Status Republican Democratic Independent Progressive Libertarian Others
Arizona Jeff Flake Libertarian 2012 (As Republican) Re-elected Kelli Ward
484,819 (20.34%)
Krysten Sinema
329,171 (13.81%)
N/A Deedra Abboud
782,050 (32.81%)
Jeff Flake (i)
788,009 (33.06%)
Chris Russel (Socialist)
23,359 (0.98%)
California Dianne Feinstein Democratic 1992 (Special) Re-elected N/A Dianne Feinstein (i) (59.87%) N/A Steve Stokes (40.13%) N/A N/A
Connecticut Chris Murphy Progressive 2012 (As Democratic) Re-elected Tony Hwang (31.18%)