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Swiss Influenza, or Swiss Flu for short was a Pandemic that wiped out almost all of humanity. The days from when patient zero got infected to when humanity restored 90% of it's population when patient zero was infected was considered the Apocalyptic Era.




On the 8th of August 2030, the Virus occured naturally. It jumped from a Bat to a Cat then a dog and finally a human living in Geneva. on the 11th. Patient zero spreaded the flu virus to France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. Austria spreaded it to Liechtenstein, Italy infected San Marino, France infected Iberia and Andorra, and Germany infected Benelux and Poland. The pathogen spreaded throughout the nations. Then the Pathogen developed three symptoms: Pneumonia, Bipolar, and Rash. When the first 7 patients died WHO knew something was up. The virus was identified as a deadly flu virus outbreak. It was known as Swiss Flu.


On the 1st of September the first 4 cases in the USA were found. the first two in Los Angeles, the next in NYC, and the fourth in New Orleans. To add to the damage Hurricane Mackenzie struck the Yucatan Peninsula and Miami claiming 1304 lives and doing $28k damage in terms of US dollars. Back in Europe, the epidemic was growing alot with Switzerland being the first nation to report over 1000 cases, followed by Poland on the 22nd and Britain on the 30th. On the 27th it also spreaded to Tunisia and China both having 24 cases by the end of September.


The virus mutated coughing, Perspiration, Fever, and Vomiting. The virus was becoming more lethal with no successful recoveries. The novel virus had claimed the most lives in Poland at 317. Poland declared a Quarantine in both Warsaw and Kaliningrad to avoid the virus escaping both areas. However, the Virus spreaded to the baltics and Finland on the 2nd of October. A day later on the 3rd of October the virus enters Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as Wuhan and Beijing. Taipei is suspected of having a case but of was just the common cold. Indochina and Indonesia both report their first 3 cases combined with Indonesia having more. Australia reports it's first case on the 4th of October. By this time the virus the USA had 71 cases with Los Angeles having 68 alone. NYC and New orleans equally made up all but 1 case which was reported in Houston. Dallas then confirmed 4 cases and Seattle reported 6. Meanwhile, a second wave of Hantavirus was devastating Toronto. Luckily, the second wave of Hantavirus hadn't spreaded to the rest of Canada but there were 6 cases in Sucra and 17 in Cape Town. on the 18th of October the Flu Virus spreads to Toronto, Ottawa, and the Southwest of British Columbia. the first 19 cases in South America are reported in Bogota, then 3 more in the United Antillies.


Switzerland becomes the first country to report 10000 cases and 1000 deaths followed by Poland and China. The flu virus reaches Taiwan and New Zealand while the second wave of Hantavirus dies off. France reports 100 deaths while Russia reports it's first. 987 Ukrainian tourists are infected in Poland and Ukraine spreads the virus to Serbia, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. The virus then pops up in Albania, Greece, Turkey, and Nigeria. On the 7th of November the Virus reaches Egypt and Ethiopia. The next day it's reported 31 times in Cape Town and 34 more times in Pretoria. Los Angeles reaches 100 cases and 17 deaths. the first 3 successful treatments for the Novel Virus are made in Bern with 2 Recoveries and Zurich with one. However, Sevastapool reports a case and Bucharest reports two. A small outbreak occurs in Bavaria the next week with 4 dozen new cases. 17 of which died. 8 tourists in Chicago go to Dallas and 7 get infected. 6 children in India get infected in China and Caracas reports 2 cases.


The Flu Virus develops Nausea, Diarhhea, and Elipsey on the 4th of December. The first death in Hawaii is reported and Puerto Rico is infected. Switzerland reaches 30000 cases on the 5th and 40000 on the 6th. A National Quarantine occurs in Switzerland while China peaks out at 20700 the following week before it's first recovery. The Yucatan Peninsula reports 9 Cases on the 23rd and for a Christmas present Swiss Flu gifts 1500 deaths in the USA and 400 Cases in Conakry to Humanity. on the 30th China declares war on Mongolia and sends 70 sick soldiers to the war. 3000 soldiers from both Mongolia and China are infected by the final hour of New Year's Eve with 2400 being Chinese. 1000 of the sick soldiers died. 419 of deaths were Mongolians.



By this time the virus entered Sao Paulo and Brasilia. The first 2 cases were reported in Sucra on January 4th and the next day it became 3. The first recovery in the Americas was made while the death toll in Switzerland reaches 70000. Switzerland reported 200000 cases but on the bright side Switzerland had made 3000 recoveries. The Sino - Mongol War had about 13670 deaths at this time and 8000 of them alone were Chinese soldiers infected by the virus. There were 9000 total deaths from the disease during the war at this time. The virus infected 20700 by this war. On the 11th The East African Republic declared war on Abyssinia. The E.A.R. had sent 190 sick soldiers to war while Abyssinia sent 40. Both nations wanted to avoid the war from going a Sino - Mongol War direction so they both backed down on the 21st causing the war to be known as The Ten Day War. East Africa got some land from the war. 1900 total soldiers became infected and 560 of which died.