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This is a former North American fast-food chain with specialized in Mexican-American fusion cuisine however due to the increasing popularity of beef in the 2030s and the scarcity of cows this chain began to become more and more unpopular. the chain also did not adapt to the popularity of insect protein which occurred during the 2040s and 2050s. Also the refusal to serve undead customers, aquatic humanoids or any nonhuman. This marked the end of this fast food chain which was bought by Lucifer Corporation however it was unsuccessfully converted into an insect-based fast food chain. The last Taco Bell shutdown in 2044 in Tucson, New Nevada.


the Taco Bell Museum opened up in Albuquerque, new Nevada in 2053 and was dedicated to the history of Taco Bell its founder and its popularity. The museum also includes artifacts from the first Kentucky fried chicken and the first Pizza Hut. before these restaurants were converted into insect protein-based fast-food chains. This museum is extremely popular as a number one tourist attraction in the state of new Nevada