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On the 20th of August number 3 on the Free New Zealand party list was arrested by police along with 14 others, this was after The 3rd Tauranga Protest when 15 party members were arrested after fleeing. He was called Joe Mc'Flaren and was the key event organiser.

Approach and equipment

10 Free New Zealand militia dressed in black approached Tauranga Central Police Station through other properties so they weren't seen. They met at the waterfront at 4:30 am and made their way to the station through a park and other properties. Each unit was dressed in fully black pants with a black shirt and body armour. They each wore a black balaclava covering their whole face. They were each armed with an AK-47 and a dagger. By 4:45 am they were outside the station. There were many police officers there from Auckland and Wellington who had flown in to help with the protest incidents.


They smashed a window near the cells with a bomb which alerted every officer in the building. By the time the officers got there armed and ready 5 of the militia had already entered the building and were running to the cells. There was then a loud gunfight as the two teams at each other. 8 of the militia had their guns a-blazing protecting the two that were unlocking the cells. they only released prisoners that were employed by Free New Zealand and gave the freed prisoners guns to help. After 2 officers were brought down the police evacuated the building at set off the warning alarm to evacuate central Tauranga.

The escape

25 Nobody exited the building after the police left and the civilians started evacuating. The militia and prisoners that were there captured the police station and seized all paperwork that was left lying around. It eventually turned into the Free New Zealand Tauranga HQ, so that the HQ could move out of an abandoned fish market on the waterfront. All the police and authorities evacuated to the Ministry of Justice building around the corner.